About Us

SIH Capital Group was built on the mission of providing a consistent preferred income to our accredited investors without using Wall Street investments. What makes us different is our investor roots and core values. While other fund operators find scores of reasons to charge fees, we charge no management or placement fees to our limited partners. Our profit comes after you have received your full preferred return — not a penny before. Our model is built for simplicity, transparency, and honesty. Those are the three attributes that we looked for when we make our investments; the returns have always followed suit.

About What We Do And How We Got Here

SIH Capital Group has a core competency in evaluating certain niche industries. We are firm believers in staying within our focus area- alternative assets including commercial real estate, private real estate notes and ATM funds. Within these industries, we invest in a diversified portfolio of assets located within the United States wide geographic footprint. The commonalities in our geographic search are population growth, landlord-friendly laws, jobs, and income growth. Once we have identified these markets, we find outstanding operators who focus on those markets and who have a long history of making consistent distributions with a business plan that’s been executed multiple times.

This formula of investing in excellent markets with trusted operators is not groundbreaking; the problem is every operator in the commercial real estate space says they are the best operator, in the best market, in the best asset class, and with the best business plan around. The ability to identify the best performers was not a skill that was developed overnight — we have spent years developing these relationships, performing the due diligence, and investing in prior deals to reach our goal of having a curated group of operators that SIH Capital Group invests with. We are proud of reaching our goal and look forward to sharing with you a fund that can provide you with preferred returns similar to what you can expect from a balanced stock market portfolio without any of the wall street investments.

Denis Shapiro

Managing Partner

Denis began investing in real estate in 2012. He has progressed to investing in  active and passive deals across various asset types and classes. Denis has invested in note funds, promissory notes, mobile home parks, affordable housing rentals, industrial space, short term vacation rentals, crowdfunding platforms, and luxury apartment communities.

After graduating with a BBA and then an MBA from Baruch College, Denis began working for the United States Government. It was a job he proudly performed for over a decade. In his various roles with the government, Denis served as a liaison to the public and various state agencies. Working for such a large institution provided him with a unique view of the importance of portfolio allocation and management.

Our Core Values

Investors First

Conservative Portfolio

Preferred Distributions

Do Good

Our Advisors

Jared Surnamer

President of Valley Community Management

Jared Surnamer is a second-generation community owner/operator born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Shortly after graduating from New York University’s Stern School of Business in 2009, Jared took over his 40-year-old family business.
Jared is an active member of the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association (PMHA), where he sits on the Board of Directors. He was also nominated and elected to be the Co-Chair of the Generation Next Task Group. He is also a member of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), the National Association of Manufactured Housing Community Owners (NAMHCO), and the Pennsylvania Rural Water Association (PRWA). In August 2020, Jared was appointed as the state association’s representative to the national association MHI’s National Community Council.

Mark Cira

Mark Cira is a registered CPA in Illinois, a construction project management consultant, and CFO of a consulting firm. Over Mark’s 15-year career, he has overseen the planning and construction of more than $20B in industrial assets. He is also the general partner of a multi-family commercial real estate group worth more than $14m. Mark is also a founding member of Hardscrabble Developments, which builds reasonably priced, mid-market single-family homes in Chicago.

Matthew Canning

Matthew Canning is a seasoned Fortune 50 technology executive, leadership/execution strategist, and author of the celebrated goal-tackling book, Foundations of Execution. Matthew has extensive experience with residential real estate, syndications, and private lending.

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