Individual Deals

Why Individual Deals?

Individual deals allow an investor to take more control over their investment objectives. While a fund typically provides better diversification, an individual deal can provide outsized returns while taking advantage of a specific buying opportunity.

SIH Capital Group primarily focuses on affordable housing and short term rental investments. We feel that both these asset classes have a long runaway in front of them.

The affordable housing niche is one of the last segments of commercial real estate that has built in barriers of entry. Not many syndicators have the systems in place to deal with the compliance and bureaucracies of working with the housing agencies. Yet, the demand for affordable housing has never been greater. We love this combination and will continue to expand our footprint in the affordable housing niche. 

Short term rentals, when done at scale are a great way to acquire excellent assets. However, the right contingencies and team members needs to be in place because these investments rely heavily on the brand and experience behind the short term rental asset. We are excited with our partnerships in this space and look forward to continuing growing in this space. 



Bradley Surf Village: A Multi-Family Beach Cottage Community

Purchased: 02/18/2022

Location: Bradley Beach, NJ

Prime real estate that is only one mile away from the lively seaside cultural hub of Asbury Park, NJ — ranked the second-best beach in the world by Money Magazine in 2021. It is also four blocks away from other pristine Jersey Shore beaches, a 5-minute walk to NJ/NYC transit, and one hour away from both NYC and Philadelphia. The location is what makes Bradley Surf Village the perfect short term rental community.

Oxford Village Residences: An Affordable Housing Townhouse Community

Location: Oxford, PA. Located in the Philadelphia MSA.

Purchased: March 18, 2022

Units: 50-units; 25 3-bedroom units and 25 2-bedroom units.

Debt: Freddie Mac fixed 10-year assumable debt at a 3.83% interest rate.

Purchase Price: $5.72 million; appraised at $6.46 million prior to closing.

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