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SIH Capital Group has a core competency in evaluating certain niche alternative assets. We are firm believers in staying within our focus area- alternative assets including commercial real estate, private real estate notes and ATM funds. Within these industries, we invest in a diversified portfolio of assets located within the United States wide geographic footprint. The commonalities in our geographic search are population growth, landlord-friendly laws, jobs, and income growth. Once we have identified these assets, we find outstanding operators who focus on those markets and who have a long history of making consistent distributions with a business plan that’s been executed multiple times.

This formula of investing in excellent markets with trusted operators is not groundbreaking; the problem is every operator in the commercial real estate space says they are the best operator, in the best market, in the best asset class, and with the best business plan around.

Our ability to identify the true best performers is not a skill that was developed overnight — we have spent years developing relationships, performing due diligence, and investing in prior deals to create a curated group of operators that we feel confident investing in. We are proud of reaching our goal and look forward to sharing with you a fund that can provide you with preferred returns similar to what you would expect from a balanced stock market portfolio—without any of the downsides associated with Wall Street investing.


The SIH CORE INCOME 1 fund is only available to accredited investors. The fund is projected to be comprised of 80% commercial real estate and 20% other alternative assets. The fund’s purpose is to provide income every month which will average an annualized preferred return of 8-10%. The fund will purchase the following types of assets:







Projected Hold Time: 7 Years

Projected Average Annual Cash Distribution: 8-10%

Projected Total Annual Return: 8-10%

Goals Of This Fund:

Investors first

No Wall Street investments

Invest in operators who improve their residents’ lives

Cash distributions after the first month

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